30 Bold, Unique Berets That Add Style to Any Outfit

Sheri Reed | Jan 22, 2018 Beauty & Style
30 Bold, Unique Berets That Add Style to Any Outfit
Image: Free People

woman wearing beret
Free People

Seen one beret, seen them all, right? WRONG! There are so many fabulous versions of everybody's favorite French-inspired headwear -- so it's important to find the one that's just perfect. Berets can be worn taut or slouchy, and they come in all the most delicious materials from leather or mohair to wool and even velvet. 

Lots of the celebrity fashionistas have been giving berets a whirl -- from Bella Hadid and Sofia Richie to Kendall Jenner and Rihanna -- and we're loving the look. Berets can give off an easy and effortless style that instantly says to the world, Yes, we know exactly what we're wearing and exactly how to wear it.

Then again, we gotta be careful because berets can also say: We rob banks. 

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Get ready, beautiful people. There's no one way to do this beret thang. We've rounded up 30 (yes, 30!!!) out-of-this-world berets, each with their own special style. Depending on the mood, choose from a classic black, a smart check, a fierce leopard print, or we've even spotted some lovely pearl-studded wonders. Find the perfect capper right here. 

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J. Crew

  • Italian Wool Beret


    Here's a pretty straight-forward beret in a scrumptious Italian wool. No one -- not first timers or seasoned trendsetters -- can go wrong with this pick. It comes in Navy (shown), Heather Dove Gray, and Providence Red.

    Italian Wool Beret ($60, J.Crew)

  • Mohair Beret

    If a warm and luxuriously soft beret sounds like perfection, try out this Italian-made mohair number. It's just a matter of time before we see Meghan Markle wearing this look on a "casual" date with Prince Harry. Don't say we didn't tell ya so! Sold in Mist (shown), Ivory, and Black.

    Mohair Beret ($65, Cuyana)
  • Lolita Leather Beret


    Apparently, leather berets descended on Paris during Spring Fashion Week a few months ago, which means we gotta have one. Like now. This soft leather topper comes in Black (shown), Fog, and Gold and it adjusts to fit. Not every beret can say that! 

    Lolita Leather Beret ($168, Free People)

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  • Classic Check Beret


    Here's a dashing and smart wool beret in a classic check. Goes nicely with a pair of geek-tastic frames or a bright red lip. 

    Classic Check Beret Beige by Awesome Needs ($83, W. Concept)

  • Pearl Beret


    Go glam in this pearl-bedazzled beret. Because the answer is yes. Yes, this beret can totally work with that LBD. No doubt about it. Made from a blend of wool and nylon.

    YCH Pearl Beret by YCH ($140, W. Concept)

  • Brick Leather Beret


    Oh now, here's a leather beret in a swank orange hue, perfect for making a bold statement atop any outfit. Made with 100 percent goat leather, obtained from animals raised specifically for food consumption.

    Brick Leather Beret ($51, Shoptiques)

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  • Here n' Meow Fuzzy Beret


    For anyone who believes wearing a beret is old fashioned or uninspired, here's an edgy, leopard print version made just for raising hell. Even if it's just raising hell by being chic AF. So affordable and made from 100 percent acrylic.

    Here n' Meow Fuzzy Beret ($18, Dolls Kill)

  • Felt Beret


    This slouchy wool felt beret with a banded edge comes in nine lovely colors. From rich Dark Green (shown) or Red to pastel Rose and Lavender, there's something for everyone! 

    Felt Beret ($29, Urban Outfitters)

  • Betmar Wool Floral Beret


    For all the ladies in the house who adore fashion with a feminine twist, there's this monochrome wool beret with a minimalist floral trim. Available in White (shown), Navy, Black, Grey, and Red.

    Betmar Wool Floral Beret ($43, Kohl's)

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  • Bonnie Beret


    A slouched, wool version of the French favorite, this beret is available in Blue (shown), Cream, and Red. 

    Bonnie Beret ($38, Anthropologie)

  • Endless Noir Sequin Beret


    Mmmhmm, we see that snazzy beret with black sequins, like, allllllll over. And we want it. Added to bag! 

    Endless Noir Sequin Beret ($30, Dolls Kill)

  • Winter Light Veiled Beret


    This elegant (and pricey!) beret with a Swarovski crystal–studded veil might seem outrageous, but for anyone's who's gone to the ends of the earth to find "the one" just to marry that person in the winter, we gotchu. This dreamy lid is knit from incredibly soft alpaca wool.

    Winter Light Veiled Beret by Jennifer Behr ($525, BHLDN)

  • Faux Leather Beret


    This slouchy, faux leather beret puts a modern twist on the Parisian favorite. And hey, no animals were harmed in the making of this sleek fashion accessory.

    Faux Leather Beret ($39, Urban Outfitters)

  • Faux Snake Beret


    Ooooh girl, we're picking up what this faux snakeskin beret is putting down. It's dangerously gorgeous with a cool touch of ROWR. 

    Faux Snake Beret by Sacred Hawk ($40, ASOS)

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  • Pearl Beret


    Stack this pearl embellished beret atop the noggin to add a touch of fancy finery to any get-up. Made from a blend of wool and nylon, this beret comes in Black (shown) and Pink.

    Pearl Beret ($30, Topshop)

  • That Girl Wool Beret Bow


    This bow-draped beret in gray and black chevron stripes beckons back to 1983 Madonna in her sassy "Borderline" video. In fact, the same shop sells an almost replica to that '80s trendsetter, aptly called the Borderline Hat. That girl, indeed. 

    That Girl Wool Beret Bow ($58, Bellastarr)

  • Velvet Bread Beret


    The beret becomes absolutely exquisite in this fine Mink Brown Velvet. We can't even with this look. What a stunner! 

    Bread Beret by Undercontrol Studio ($69, W. Concept)

  • Faux Pearl Beret Hat


    Can't beat the price tag on this pearl-dazzled beret. Heck, for under $10, feel free to wear it once. Of course, we'd suggest wearing the hell out of this fly headwear instead. Available in Red (shown) and Black. 

    Faux Pearl Beret Hat ($8, Shein)

  • Cable Knit Pom Beret


    Part Parisian girl staple and part cozy cable knit sweater, we love this adorable take on the beret. And that soft knit pom is everything! 

    Blush Cable Knit Pom Beret ($9, World Market)

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  • Velvet Contrast Beret


    This baby is a little rebellious and its contrasting materials make it mighty fine. The beret comes in Burgundy/Black (shown) or Black/Black.

    Velvet Contrast Beret ($15, Forever 21)

  • Wool Beret With Silver Fox Fur Pom Pom


    Slouchy and stylish with the added touch of a fluffy silver fox fur pom pom, what more could we ask for when the weather is cold and we still want our wardrobe to be on point? This cozy beret is partially cashmere and double layered for warmth. Sold in Dark Grey (shown), Beige, Black, Khaki, and Soft Grey.

    Wool Beret With Silver Fox Fur Pom Pom by Queenfur ($20, Amazon)

  • Soul Fuel Sequin Hat


    For those out there who can't ever have enough glitz or splashy flash in their wardrobe, this sparkly sequin beret in a rainbow of colors is the one. Insanely budget friendly too! 

    Soul Fuel Sequin Hat ($10, Dolls Kill)

  • Wool Beret


    This budget-friendly wool beret in a pretty Camel color is a neutral add-on that goes with literally EVERYTHING.

    Wool Beret  ($16, ASOS)

  • Wine Angelz Kiss Beret


    She's the velvet Burgundy sister of Prince's "Raspberry Beret" -- we think we luuuh-uuuv her.

    Wine Angelz Kiss Beret ($12, Dolls Kill)

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  • 14th & Union Classic Wool Blend Beret

    Black and classic. But never basic. 

    Grommet Detail Wool Blend Beret by Natasha Accessories ($13, Nordstrom Rack)
  • Wool Beret


    This 100 percent wool beret in a warm pinky Tan sits perfectly sweet like a scrumptious cupcake. Yum. 

    Tan Wool Beret ($15, World Market)

  • Spicy Trip to Paris Beret


    Whether the day's agenda calls for political action or some other bold statement, this vegan leather beanie is ready for a revolution.

    Spicy Trip to Paris Beret ($10, Dolls Kill)

  • Bisous Slouchy Beret


    This Camel beret with its super-slouchy fit looks lovely and bohemian -- and covers up a no-wash hair day like a charm.

    Bisous Slouchy Beret ($38, Free People)

  • Studded Beret


    There's no other way to say this -- this studded beret with its eyelet and hoop-tastic styling is totally badass. Sold in Red (shown) and Black.

    Studded Beret ($35,