30 Bold, Unique Berets That Add Style to Any Outfit

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woman wearing beret
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Seen one beret, seen them all, right? WRONG! There are so many fabulous versions of everybody's favorite French-inspired headwear -- so it's important to find the one that's just perfect. Berets can be worn taut or slouchy, and they come in all the most delicious materials from leather or mohair to wool and even velvet. 


Lots of the celebrity fashionistas have been giving berets a whirl -- from Bella Hadid and Sofia Richie to Kendall Jenner and Rihanna -- and we're loving the look. Berets can give off an easy and effortless style that instantly says to the world, Yes, we know exactly what we're wearing and exactly how to wear it.

Then again, we gotta be careful because berets can also say: We rob banks. 

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Get ready, beautiful people. There's no one way to do this beret thang. We've rounded up 30 (yes, 30!!!) out-of-this-world berets, each with their own special style. Depending on the mood, choose from a classic black, a smart check, a fierce leopard print, or we've even spotted some lovely pearl-studded wonders. Find the perfect capper right here. 

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