50 Gorgeous Finger Tattoos That Deserve a Thumbs Up

Kathleen Wong | Dec 28, 2017 Beauty & Style
50 Gorgeous Finger Tattoos That Deserve a Thumbs Up


We all know how rings can dress up our fingers, but finger tattoos really take that notion to a whole other level. Only adorning our fingers with a tiny piece of ink is ten times cooler. Finger tats are super versatile, and can make the right statement for both the minimalist and the maximalist, depending on the style, design and placement of it. The possibilities are truly endless, but all totally cool.

Everyone seems to have picked up on this, because finger tattoos are blowing up on social media. And even Beyonce is rocking one on her ring finger. 

No longer are finger tattoos stereotypically associated with the knuckles of motorcycle gangs (although knuckle tats can also be awesome too). Now they're the perfect finishing touch to the side of a finger or cuticle. In fact, we'd argue that finger tats can be super subtle but still make a big statement when noticed.

But finger tats abide by the "beauty is pain" saying. Not only do our fingers house a lot of nerves, but there's not much muscle or fat between the skin and bone, making them one of the most painful places to get inked. They also require regular touch-ups because the ink easily fades from all the movement our fingers make. 

But for how beautiful finger tats look, we would say they're worth the pain and maintenance. Click through for 50 stunning finger tattoos that'll inspire anyone to make a trip to the tattoo parlor. 

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