People Will Literally Talk to the Hand Now That They Can Make Phone Calls With Manicures



There are few things as frustrating as ruining a fresh manicure, especially from something as lame as answering a text or fishing for your phone out of your purse or pocket. But apparently we won't have to worry about that anymore, because there's about to be a high-tech nail extension that aims to make your precious smartphone obsolete. 

  • Meet the aptly named Mobile Nail, which is the world's first wearable nail technology.


    The futuristic manicure was recently revealed in UK mobile operator O2's Future of Mobile Life Report, and is made in collaboration with O2, beauty brand Nails Inc., and inventor Sean Miles. 

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  • Here's how it works: The nail extension is Bluetooth-enabled thanks to a little chip, and pairs with a mobile phone that can be kept in your pocket or bag.


    So when you need to answer a call, or play a song, you can just press the button on the nail without digging into your endless blackhole of a bag. Then you can just talk right into the nail, while simultaneously trying not to seem crazy to those bystanders around you.

  • If you're into this idea, but wondering what it means for your biweekly mani appointment, don't worry.


    You can modify the nail extension with a range of designs made by Nails Inc. 

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  • "People have been customising phones for years but this is the next step towards tech and the human body working together to connect our customers in a totally new way," Nina Bibby, chief marketing officer from O2, said in the report.


    In the report, futurologist Dr. Ian Pearson predicted that wearable technology will replace smartphones by 2049. 

    But until then, folks in London can head over to the Nails Inc. nail bar in department store Harvey Nichols to try them out next week. 

  • This gives new meaning to the old diss, "Talk to the hand."

    Sorry, I had to.

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