30 Magical Bob & Pixie Cuts for Every Woman's Style

Michele Zipp | Dec 10, 2019 Beauty & Style
30 Magical Bob & Pixie Cuts for Every Woman's Style
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Short hair is having a major moment right now, and the styles are stunning and seen on the most stylish celebs including Scarlett Johansson, Beyonce, and Michelle Williams. The look is pure pixie and bob with layers, textures, and lots of colors. These cuts have certainly evolved -- it's almost as if no two pixie or bob cuts are the same. And with a skilled stylist, the looks can be incredible on almost any type of hair.

Short hair transcends age. It is a look that can be styled in so many ways, making it that never-boring kind of style. These cuts show off personality or bring out a look completely different, transforming faces in a whole new way. 

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Supreme pixie cuts are almost fairy tale-like, whereas longer bobs have a carefree feel. Spiked looks and all colors of the rainbow take these styles to a rebellious side, giving a more edgy feel. There can be textures and wisps or pops of color. And for those who love movement, many of these hair cuts have exactly that, a softness that works with waves, curls, or pin-straight -- allowing for side-swept, center parts, or even bouffant coifs (with some product help, of course).

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Dare to go shorter and find inspiration in these 30 incredible pixie and bob styles we are obsessed with right now.


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