30 Stress-Free Hairstyles Busy Moms Can Create With Bobby Pins


Life can definitely get chaotic for everyone, but it's especially true for all us busy moms. We always seem to have infinite amounts of school concerts, bake sales, and family get-togethers etched on the calendar. And with little time to sleep, or to properly de-stress with some chocolate or a glass of wine, looking "hot" is probably the last thing on everyone's mind. 

When it comes to  hair, it’s safe to say that it's the most "neglected," especially in the styling arena. Some looks are anything but beginner-friendly, especially since some braid crowns and "effortless" beach wave looks can leave us beyond frustrated. 

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So, if easy and hassle-free hairstyles sound more than appealing, giving bobby pin hairstyles a try is definitely recommended. And being that bobby pins usually cost under $5, it’s nice not to have to worry about spending an arm and leg on style.

For easy and uncomplicated styling, we went through YouTube and Pinterest to find 30 stress-free hairstyles busy moms can create with bobby pins. Trust us, some of these styles will definitely take under five minutes and less.


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