30 Gorgeous & Easy Braided Hairstyles for Every Type of Hair

30 Gorgeous & Easy Braided Hairstyles for Every Type of Hair

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When it comes to styling hair, the general consensus is "ain't nobody got time for that." But a few innocent clicks around Pinterest will leave any woman with hair envy. While getting an expensive cut or color may be out of reach for some, one thing that is accessible to women with all hair types is braids. The idea of braiding is far from a new concept; in fact, braids date back thousands of years -- all the way back to 3500 BC.

Hair experts told Byrdie.com that braids originated in Africa and were extremely popular amongst young tribal women -- but they do show up in various cultures around the world, and have just as many varying levels of significance. 

And braids aren't going anywhere any time soon. Hair can be long, short, curly, or textured and braids prove to be a gorgeous style option time and time again. However, many women assume that their hair type won't hold up in a braided style. Whether the braids are intricate or simple, they can look pretty intimidating to pull off to boot.

To help simplify styling stress, we pulled together a list of 30 braided hairstyles for nearly every type of hair. By the end of this article, we guarantee that braid lovers will find quite a few styles they'll want to try -- and the good news is that each one has an easy follow-along-tutorial to help guide the way. Happy braiding!

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  • 1. Starburst Braid


    Good for long-haired babes, this updo keeps hair out of the face and looks beautiful from the front and the back. The detail is stunning, and best of all, folks can do it on themselves. 

  • 2. Braided Mohawk


    Want to look like a braided badass? This hairstyle combines a soft feminine curl with a sharp and edgy braid that is sure to turn heads. 

  • 3. A 5-Strand Braid


    For braiding experts, this intricate braid is a stunner for any fancy event. Add a few hair jewels for extra pizzazz. 

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  • 4. Fancy Pony-Braid Hairstyle


    This beautiful side pony-braid will look totally boho chic at the beach. Plus it takes only two minutes to master!

  • 5. Waterfall Braid


    The waterfall is perfect for literally any length or hair type. Bonus? It is easy to do on one's self and in a hurry.

  • 6. Ghana Braids


    This protective hairstyle is ideal for vacation and looks insanely sleek when beads are added in. If they are longer, they also look amazing with a low, knotted bun. 

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  • 7. Box Braids


    If you're comfortable working with extensions, box braids are a gorgeous way to go. Once all in place, you can style your box braids a multitude of ways for stunning looks that pair with any occasion.  

  • 8. Mermaid Braid


    Want to like a mythical goddess? This sexy braid will totally make you look otherworldly. 

  • 9. Suspended Infinity Braids


    This super clean, very modern braid requires a helping hand, but hold tight for a totally sleek look. 

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  • 10. A 5-Strand Dutch Braid


    This impressive braid is made easy with this simple tutorial. With patience and persistence, this look is great for getting hairs out of the face for any event. 

  • 11. Curly Hair Updo


    For women with fluffy, big girls, big thick braids are the way to go. It makes them easy to plait and defines their stunning shape. 

  • 12. Zipper Braid


    Keep it on lock with this sleek, woven braid. The style works perfectly with a low pony, but you could sweep it up for a shapely updo in a low bun too. 

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  • 13. Feather Loop Braids


    This trippy hairdo looks super complicated, but it's as easy to do as standard pigtails. By adding one simple step, the braids get totally elevated. 

  • 14. Knotty Braid


    A big, loose, stylish braid is perfect for women who want to look effortless and gorgeous. The big loops are pretty easy to pull off, and it looks super casual for a fun girls' night out. 

  • 15. Loop Braids


    Look like an IRL princess with these big, soft braids. We love the half-up/half-down twist and how easy it looks to pull off!

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  • 16. Halo Braid


    Think you need long locks for this one? Think again! Short, fine-haired women can easily pull this off, and it's perfect for keeping hair out of the face on hot, busy days. 

  • 17. Braided Lattice Pull Through


    If you're going for a medieval queen look, these delicate but intricate braids are totally for you. You'll be looking like royalty in no time. 

  • 18. Faux Twisting Braid


    Turn your average braid upside down with this style. We bet you can't guess how this look is actually achieved!

  • 19. Funky French Braid


    We're getting MAJOR Khaleesi vibes. Look like the mother of dragons herself with this warrior-like hair. 

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  • 20. Double French Braid


    Whether your hair is short, long, curly, wavy, or straight, these beautiful braids are super cute and super easy to style. 

  • 21. Double Braided Updo


    This elegant hairstyle will slay any event one needs to attend. We love how wispy and ethereal it looks -- especially for a wedding! 

  • 22. Summer Braided Updo


    For those with long locks, the summer can be pure hell. But this beautiful braid can keep the heat and hair off the neck in a stylish way. 

  • 23. Waterfall Topknot


    Add a little oomph to the accessible topknot with a simple waterfall braid. 

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  • 24. Milkmaid Braid Short Hair


    No long locks required. This simple and and sweet style is playful and romantic. 

  • 25. Goddess Braids


    Channel your inner queen with these fierce braids. The look can be mastered easily and the end result is bold and beautiful. 

  • 26. Ponytail Braid


    Your boring ponytail just got a really cool upgrade. A few simple rowed braids on the scalp adds unexpected texture to a classic style. 

  • 27. Headband Braids


    Wearing your hair down is always beautiful, but accenting it with a braided headband will make it look extra special. This tutorial has three different options so you can have hairstyles planned for nearly half the week!

  • 28. Space Bun Braids


    If you're feeling a little quirky, this hairstyle is for you! 

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  • 29. Dutch Flower Braid


    This playful, gorgeous braid is a floral wonder! Add in fresh flowers for the ultimate boho accent. 

  • 30. Pull-Through Crown Braid


    Channel that inner princess and crown yourself with this gorgeous style. We love the soft elegance of this look, and it's easy enough to rock any day of the week. 

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