One-Line Tattoos Are the Latest Trend Sweeping Instagram & They're Absolutely Gorgeous


There's something about minimalism that still manages to pack a punch, and can sometimes be more eye-catching than a maximalist approach. Now, the minimalist trend is taking over the tattoo world -- and we're not mad about it at all. 

  • Enter: one-line tattoos, or when a tattoo is comprised of a thin, continuous line.

    New York–based tattoo artist Laura Martinez, who works at Fleur Noire Tattoo Parlor in Brooklyn, told Refinery29 that one-line tattoos, which are done by using up to three very thin needles, are all the rage right now, especially with younger clients who want something delicate. 

    "Old-school tattoos were heavier because the needles were heavier," she said.

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  • But don't let the name fool you. One-line tats require a lot of precision -- and often time -- in order to get the clean, minimalist look.

    According to Martinez, a tat like this "muse" one that she did could take a while to complete. "Sometimes one line can take up to one hour, but a huge piece with all fine lines takes more," she said.

  • The challenge with one-line tats is keeping the line continuous and even.

    "If you lift your needle, you have to make sure you hit the same spot when you put it back down, and that can be difficult," she continued. 

  • This makes one-line tats no less painful than heavier, old-school ones. "A long line can hurt just as much as other tattoos," she said.

  • But the pain might be worth it, because we can't get over how elegant one-line tats are.

    "The continuous one-line technique reflects life at its best," Dutch tattoo artist Niels Kiené told Metro. "Don't stop until it's perfect and a mistake can turn out to be something wonderful as long as you go with the flow and trust your skills."

  • One-line tats may be simple, but they're no less beautiful than more detailed works. Just look at this bundle of flowers.

  • One-line tattoos are perfect for making more abstract pieces, like this cool wolf.

  • We also love how a hint of color can make a one-line tat really pop.

  • Now, who else is inspired to get inked?

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