9 Lazy Hairstyles for Moms With No Time to Spare

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Everyone assumes that when a mom's appearance is disheveled, she's thrown in the towel on caring about her looks. But the truth is, a lot of times it comes down to choice: "Spend 20 minutes on my hair or actually shovel a morning meal in my mouth?" On busy mornings or before family events, moms typically have to get everyone else together plus herself, so she fairly assumes she simply doesn't have time.

But the truth is, when it comes to hair, there are a ton of 5-minute styles that can help moms look stylish in a small amount of time. Check out some of our favorites we found. 

  • This half-bun adds volume to your hair, while the simple braid adds some sweet texture.

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  • This simple style looks so sleek, people may think you went and actually got your hair done.

  • You've probably put your hair half-up a hundred times, but this extra little roll gives your 'do a stylish "oomph!"

  • Paired with a bold red lip, this easy hairstyle will make you look like a retro goddess with minimal effort.

  • The messy bun gets a chic makeover by adding a little volume and wispy tendrils.

  • Low buns don't have to be boring. In four easy steps, you can add a lot of class to a simple hairstyle.

  • Though it looks super intricate, these three low ponytails are simply twisted and pinned to create an easy updo.

  • Try this flawless hack for quick and cute curls.

  • Your headband gets a fancy upgrade with a few simple twists.

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