This Color-Changing Nail Polish Is Actually Magical

Simply Nailogical/YouTube

Long gone are the days of toiling over your nail polish color, scraping it off, and leaving tiny colored flakes all over the floor. (That can't just be me, right?) Thanks to F.U.N. Lacquer's new line of magnetic multi-chrome polishes, you'll never want to peel off your manicure again. 

  • For its fourth anniversary, the nail polish brand released a trio of metallic polishes that change color when a magnet is near.

    The trio goes for $42, and the special two-headed magnet is $6, according to the website. The colors are: "Harmony," a copper and olive green color; "Incredible," a bright purple and gold color; and "Believe," a teal and purple color.

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  • We can thank the metal particles in the polish (which move color particles when commanded by a magnet) for the cool color-shifting.

    You can only move the color pigments around while your nails are still wet, and this allows you to make unique holographic-looking designs and patterns with that two-headed magnet (a rectangular head and a circular head). All you have to do is apply a few coats of polish -- so that there are enough particles to be grabbed -- and then hover the magnet over your nail for about 15 to 20 seconds. (By the way, your run-of-the-mill fridge magnet won't work.)

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    Beauty blogger Cristine, aka Simply Nailogical, tested out the colors on YouTube. Check out the awesome nail chameleon action below.

  • Here's "Believe" in all of its color-changing glory, which is perfect for anyone who loves galaxy-inspired nails.

    You can see how the circular head gives the nail a swirly effect. 

  • This is "Harmony," which gives off a vintage feel.

    I'm getting some Great Gatsby vibes.

  • Last but not least, this is "Incredible," and it definitely lives up to its name.

    The rectangular head helps give the nail the linear stripe look.

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  • Cristine also noted that the nail polishes give off a cool 3D look when the lighting hits them.

    We think these are perfect for the holidays -- and kind of forever. 

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