Shocking Video Shows Just How Horrifying Postpartum Hair Loss Can Be

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Being pregnant is an experience like no other, and with it comes all sorts of unpredictable symptoms and changes in your body. The craziest part? It varies per woman and even per pregnancy, so you might not even have the same symptoms with your second child that you did with your first. One of the lesser-discussed effects of pregnancy symptoms comes postpartum and is now getting a light properly shed upon it, thanks to a viral video by hairstylist Christina Kreitel. 

  • In an Instagram video that has over 3 million views, Kreitel easily pulls out a chunk of her client's hair in a phenomenon known as telogen effluvium.

    Telogen effluvium, according to the American Pregnancy Association, is when your hair excessively sheds about one to five months postpartum. 

    This occurs because pregnancy dramatically changes your hormones (like increased estrogen) and increases blood volume, which prevents your normal rate of hair loss. But after delivery, all of those levels go back to normal, some relatively quickly, which causes the delayed hair loss to happen all at once. Technically, the amount of hair isn't any different than the amount that would have shed over the past nine months, but seeing it happen at once is definitely alarming to most new moms.

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  • Many people who saw Krietel's video shared how the same thing happened to them -- and also totally freaked them out.

    "Just went through this with my 2nd!" someone else wrote. "Omg it was horrible! I was afraid to just comb my hair. Now he's 6 months and the shedding has decreased but still there."

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  • These women found comfort in Krietel's video, especially because so many didn't expect this to be a thing.

    "Oh my gosh, there's so much about pregnancy that you don't hear about," another person wrote.

  • Other women who saw the video also shared how this didn't happen to them at all.

    This goes to show how pregnancy is truly a unique experience per woman. 

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  • But one user summed up the real lesson that comes with this video: that women are insanely powerful beings for enduring all of the things that come with literally making another human.

    Amen to that!

    PS -- the hair loss shouldn't cause bald spots, and isn't permanent, with hair thickness most likely returning after six months. But if the hair loss is really bothering you, you should avoid heat styling or rough hairstyling, and talk to your doctor about possibly taking vitamin supplements.

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