'Glitterage' Hair Is Here & People Can't Decide If It's Magical or a Hot Mess


You've got to admit, glitter is one of the most polarizing beauty products out there. While some people want to shower in the sparkles, its disregard for properly landing in the trash bin can induce heart attacks in others. So it's understandable why the Internet is freaking out over this new glitter hair treatment. 

  • Denver-based hairstylist Danielle Wade's latest creation is taking over the Internet -- and with a name like "Glitterage," there's no wonder why.

    She recently completed the styling process on a formerly brunette client named Kristi Rodriguez, according to Allure. The video of the transformation has quickly gathered over 45,000 views.

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  • The name is a riff off of the popular hair process known as balayage, which is French for "sweeping."

    The process is best described as a "freehand hair coloring technique," celebrity hairdresser Richard Ward told Marie Claire. This gives hair a natural, blended highlighted look.

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  • To bring on the sparkle, Wade used a blue-colored glitter hair gel, and added in even more glitter.

    First, she had pre-colored Rodriguez's hair a light blue with a Pravana dye. Then she hand-painted on the glitter gel (made by Major Moonshine) to add shimmer, layer by layer.  To finish the look, she styled Rodriguez's hair in soft wavy curls.

    The whole transformation to unicorn goddess took around an hour, including hair styling.

  • Tons of people fell in love with Wade's work.

    "I love this!" another person commented.

    "This. Needs. To. Happen," someone else wrote.

  • But not everyone was such a fan of the "Glitterage."

    Playing with glitter may not be the best idea, and might be more akin to playing with fire. In an Instagram comment, Wade said that the glitter will wash out, but some will probably stay in your hair, and your car, and your bed. (She also recommends brushing out what you can before showering.)

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  • Regardless, we have to admit, glittery hair is a stunning idea for the holiday season.

    You know, if you don't mind succumbing to the idea of your home being covered in glitter.

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