People Are Roasting This Person's Makeup Tutorial for Mimicking Vitiligo


The fashion and beauty industry is slowly but surely making strides toward becoming more inclusive and diverse. Now, more models of different races and body types are gracing the runway, as are those with different skin conditions, such as vitiligo. But we still have a long way to go until there's equal representation, so it's unfortunate that a beauty blogger named Golgi Apparatus, or @Golgiknowsbest on Instagram, is being called out for a makeup look that imitates people with vitiligo -- which is not what it means to actually embrace diversity.

  • In a now-deleted Instagram image, Apparatus was showing off a makeup look with white patches around the eyes and mouth.

    People found the patches to be eerily reminiscent of vitiligo patches, which is when there's a loss of natural coloration in the skin and sometimes the hair, according to the American Academy of Dermatology.

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  • Many found it offensive that someone would turn a skin condition into a makeup look.

    "Okay this is like making your skin look like it has eczema or psoriasis, WTF IS SHE DOING," another person tweeted.

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  • Those who have or know someone with vitiligo were especially upset, as many are bullied for or feel self-conscious about the condition.

    "This makes me LIVID," someone else tweeted. "My beautiful cousin has vitiligo and was severely bullied her whole life over this condition. She herself is a work of art. This is not art."

    "My aunt had vitiligo (she passed away) and throughout her whole life she would stay indoors so that people wouldn’t make her feel bad because of her skin and it pisses me off that she’s doing this for fun," someone else said.

  • In a statement on Instagram, Apparatus said the intention was not to copy vitiligo; rather, the artist was inspired by the below makeup look.

    "I do admit I couldn't clarified some of that a bit more, but we all learn from out mistakes!" Apparatus wrote on Instagram. "At the end of the day, no one is immune to controversy and we can all grow from it!"

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  • Not everyone bought that apology, finding the patches to look too much like those of Winnie Harlow, the boundary-breaking model with vitiligo.

    Others noted that if Apparatus was copying the other makeup look, then the artist should have used a different color like red, or even gray, like in the original makeup look. 

    Regardless of if it was intentional or not, Apparatus's controversy is a stark reminder for people to be more aware of how their makeup looks come off.

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