People Are Tattooing Their Zodiac Signs Like Freckles & It's So Cute

astrofrecks cosmetic freckles

If you think about it, freckles are kind of like stars, just on your body instead of up in the sky. Poeticism aside, there's a new trend that's about to make folks who love to check their horoscope very excited. Enter: AstroFrecks.

  • As the name implies, AstroFrecks are semi-permanent face tattoos done in the design of astrological constellations.

    The tattoo artist kicking off the trend is Michigan-based Jessica Knapik, who has perfected how to ink star signs to look like almost natural freckles. With cosmetic freckles already a thing, it's a wonder that no one's thought of this before.

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    "I also love things with hidden meanings," she told Bustle. "This way you could get your mom's astrological sign, your dad's, your grandma's, and kind of pay tribute without getting a giant heart that says 'Mom.'"

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  • To apply the freckles, Knapik uses a cosmetic tattoo technique, which is less harsh than the traditional permanent tattooing.

    "It's perfect for freckles, because the older ones will be more faint and the newer ones will be darker, exactly like real freckles," Knapik said. "And if you're sick of it, you just stop getting touch-ups and go back to how your face was before."

    According to an Instagram comment by Knapik, the freckles fade in about two years.

  • Knapik also takes great care in making sure the freckles look natural and not too uniform.

    She swatches various colors on people to see what looks best with their skin tone, then places them where the sun would hit their face. (It makes sense, since freckles naturally come from sun exposure.) 

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  • We have to admit, the results are super cute, and perfect for people who want to rep their sun sign (or rising sign).

    "I love the freckles trend!!" someone wrote on Instagram. "Some of mine have faded into adulthood, and I want them fixed up."

    "Seriously in love with all this!" another person wrote.

    Now, are our horoscopes guaranteed to come true if we get AstroFrecks? Asking for a friend.

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