12 Vintage Beauty Secrets That Range From the Insane to the Still Useful

Kathleen Wong | Nov 13, 2017 Beauty & Style

vintage beauty
Everett Collection/Shutterstock

Humans have been primping and polishing themselves long before Kylie Cosmetics and Clarisonics were a thing. While we often feel like our current beauty standards can be pretty absurd at times, just imagine them 20, even hundreds of years ago. TLDR: Our quest for "beauty" has always been pretty insane. In some cases, the phrase "beauty is pain" is agonizingly true. 

From all around the world and throughout history, people have been doing things to "improve" their appearance, ranging from the natural, like with rose water, to the less-natural, like radioactive cosmetics. If only we could go back in time to be like, "Girl, no! That'll burn the face off."

Also, can we hand it to Cleopatra for having some pretty great skincare tips for the most part? If she were around today, she'd most definitely have a beauty blog. 

We have to admit, it's pretty fascinating to see how beauty standards have changed over time. Although today, we laugh (or cringe now that we know what most chemicals can do to our bods) at some people's attempts at becoming a more "beautiful" version of themselves, we can only wonder what people will be saying about our current standards of beauty in 100 years.

Read on for a history of beauty tips, tricks, and routines.