15 Witchy Beauty Buys That Are Perfect to Use Beyond Halloween

15 Witchy Beauty Buys That Are Perfect to Use Beyond Halloween

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October really is a great time to be a spooky babe, as mystical beauty buys can help anyone get in touch with the inner witch we all have deep down inside somewhere. And sure, black-tinged makeup buys (we're looking at those goth liquid lipstick shades!) can help channel that irresistible and mysterious Nancy Downs vibe, but there is something truly enchanting about using witchy ingredients to help tap into that magical spirit we've all been yearning for.

To bring some alluring witchiness into any beauty routine, know that it doesn't have to involve conjuring up some spells (though, let's be honest: Hermione would be proud!) in a bubbling cauldron during potions class.

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Instead, simply look for skin care, perfume, and candle products containing otherworldly ingredients like sage, crystals, or palo santo, as these ingredients tend to contain magical properties anyone can totally use during the next full moon, or whenever some serious self-reflection is in order. Many of the herbs, oils, and crystals featured in these everyday products are used by practicing witches -- so we know they are not only magical but natural as well. 

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For the best witchy beauty buys to try this Halloween (and beyond), here are 15 products picks that will leave any beauty lover spellbound. Trust us, there's a dragon's blood perfume any skeptic wouldn't be able to resist! 

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