Kim Kardashian Reveals How She Combats Dark Under-Eye Circles -- & the Trick Might Surprise You

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It must be tough to be Kim Kardashian, with all the money, mansions, and access to expensive fashion and beauty products. Well, apparently, it kind of is, because she just admitted on her app that she has a history of having dark under-eye circles -- just like the rest of us. Who would've thought? 

  • "I've always struggled with dark under-eye circles," Kim wrote on her app.

    "As I've gotten older, I have to make sure to get enough sleep, practice a good skincare routine, stay out of the sun and stay hydrated to combat puffiness and discoloration," she continued, according to InStyle.

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  • Well, those are kind of a given. So to help break down *exactly* how to avoid these dark circles, she spoke to her dermatologist Dr. Lancer.

    Kim has called the Beverly Hills–based dermatologist her "all-knowing skincare guru," according to his website

    Oh, and did we mention that he's also the caretaker of Beyonce's skin? He probably knows what he's doing. 

  • First things first, Dr. Lancer said it's not just how much you sleep, but how you're sleeping that could be causing the dark circles. Wild, right?

    "Do you tend to lie on your side or on your stomach? Either of these positions can cause your face to fold into the pillow and put strain on the skin around your eyes," Dr. Lancer told Kim. 

    Basically, even getting a full night's rest won't exactly combat under-eye circles, unfortunately. 

  • According to Dr. Lancer, the best sleeping position is on your back.

    Sleeping like this won't just benefit your face, but also protect other areas of your bod, like your chest, from forming wrinkles.

    For extra help, sleep with elevated pillows under your head to drain the fluid from puffy eyes. 

  • There you have it, Kim's secret to looking like she doesn't even know what the word "tired" means.

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