People Think Kim Kardashian's KKW Beauty Brush Is a Vibrator & TBH We Don't Blame Them

kkw beauty kim k

When designing her makeup line KKW Beauty's packaging, Kim Kardashian probably didn't take into consideration one tiny detail: that her design might kind of, sort of also look like a sex toy. Well, her fans definitely noticed it, and totally roasted her over an open fire for it. 

  • On Friday, Kim posted a posh Instagram photo to promote KKW Beauty.

    It was of her bathroom sink, which was adorned with some roses and, presumably, her brand's crème contour and highlight kit.

    "Daily routine," her caption read, along with the KKW Beauty website link.

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  • But people were quick to point out that smack-dab in the middle of the photo was something that looked like a beige vibrator.

    "Is that a vibrator?" someone else commented. (Although we were all thinking it.)

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  • Some people couldn't believe their eyes and had to do a total double-take.

    "Lol makeup brush!" another wrote. "I thought the same thing."

  • But most people just decided to roast Kim for being so unaware of the NSFW optical illusion.

    But we're not sure if the joke is really on her, since her makeup line did rake in millions in just a matter of three hours back when it dropped in June.

  • Even though the tool is only meant for blending one's makeup, maybe the mogul and mother will consider a sex toy line after this little mix-up.