This Cartoonist Reimagined Disney Princesses With Realistic #CurlyHairProblems & It's Magical

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Disney princesses are known for a few things, one of which is their typically silky and luscious hair. Now, we understand that they're just cartoons living a fairy tale, but c'mon, it's like these princesses don't know what it's like to have to deal with frizzy hair, flyaways, or humidity. However, many actual, real-life people do. (But honestly, how are Disney princesses able to chase around their happily ever afters without worrying about frizz?)

  • Cartoonist Angela Mary Vaz, aka @straycurls on Instagram, took matters into her own hands and reimagined Disney princesses with #CurlyHairProblems.

    The India-based cartoonist's illustrations are totally refreshing and necessary takes on the classic Disney princesses, and make them more realistic and relatable

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  • It's a cause near and dear to Vaz's heart. "Ever since I was a child, I've hated my hair," she told Yahoo.

    Since she didn't know how to take care of it, she "was bullied and teased for looking so 'odd,'" Vaz said to Yahoo.

    After she drew her first comic about curly hair, she received a totally unexpected response by tons of women who felt the same.

  • Vaz's first Disney interpretation started with herself as Rapunzel, who couldn't let her prince climb her hair because her straightener died.

    (Ugh, don't you just hate when your boyfriend or girlfriend can't get into your home because your flat iron went out? The worst.)

    "But a lot of my followers got terribly excited and asked me to do more characters from Disney," she told Yahoo.

  • As a Disney lover, she happily obliged, and found each perfect curly-haired problem that would realistically occur in any Disney movie.

    For instance, she recognized that Beast in Beauty and the Beast actually has incredibly silky hair. "As a curly girl, I used to envy girls with smooth and silky curly hair," she wrote in the caption. "I had no idea how to approach them in order to ask what their secret was."

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  • Her interpretations are making everyone go, "Same."

    if disney had curly hair princesses

    "So painful," someone commented. "Thanks for bringing the curly hair perspective."

    "I relate to this so much," another said on the cartoon of Beauty and the Beast.

  • Maybe Disney will take note and feature some curly-haired problems with their next princess (or prince)!

    Merida isn't enough!

    We can't wait to see who Vaz draws up next -- unless, of course, Disney beats her to the punch?

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