This Is the $10 Secret Product Kim Kardashian's Makeup Artist Uses to Give Her That Signature Glow

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Whether you're a fan of hers or not, you have to admit, Kim Kardashian has great skin. And the woman rightfully flaunts it on her Instagram, the red carpet, and even when walking down the street. Now since we weren't born yesterday, we know that Kim has access to Photoshop, airbrushing, and of course, beauty products so expensive that the normal person can't even fathom them. But the secret to Kim's constant glow may actually be cheaper than we thought -- like, so cheap that we can actually afford it.

  • Her longtime makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, just revealed the "little secret" during one of his classes in Los Angeles.

    Dedivanovic hosts the Master Class, in which he teaches audiences how to achieve that effortlessly glam celeb look that people like Kim know very well. 

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  • Now onto the secret: Transparent Jelly made by professional makeup brand Kryolan.

    This is the stuff that's used on television and film sets to create a "fake" sweaty look. According to the Kryolan website, this jelly is "a transparent, greenish-tinted gel" used to simulate "wet and sweat effects." 

  • Don't worry, Dedivanovic's method won't leave you looking like you just got out of an action-packed fight scene.

    After sparingly applying your highlighter onto the face, gently tap the jelly onto the cheekbones using a damp BeautyBlender. Then add a little to the forehead for extra (but not over-the-top) shine. Finally, set with a misting spray. 

    The gel picks up the shimmer and metallic hints from the highlighter, which gives you a natural-looking glow. "See, that's the kind of glow that looks really beautiful on the red carpet and in photos, because it looks, truly, like it's skin -- there's no chunkiness or glitters," he said, according to Refinery29.

    (Just be sure not to put makeup on top of the gel, which'll basically become a disaster -- and you'll have to start over.) 

  • Well, all we've got to say is that if you're beloved by Kim, queen of the selfie, then you probably know what you're doing.

    The trick is worth a shot, since all people deserve to look like they're glowing.

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