Kylie Jenner Posed In a Parka on Instagram & People Think It's Another Baby Bump Cover-Up


These days, it seems like Kylie Jenner can't take a step without having people speculate that it's a hidden message revealing something regarding her rumored pregnancy with boyfriend Travis Scott. It's gotten to the point where if we were Kylie, we'd totally be trolling the rest of the world. 

  • In fact, this kind of feels like what's happening with her latest Instagram post, which features her in a straight-up parka.

    Can we just remind everyone that she lives out in sunny Los Angeles? Seems like a pretty deliberate outfit choice, if you ask us.

    All that captioned the photo was the blonde-haired woman emoji, which may have to do with her current hair color. 

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  • Fans, obviously, took to thinking that the parka was just another way to cover-up any potential baby bump.

    "Wearing oversized clothing to cover up the baby bump, methinks," someone else commented.

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  • This isn't the first time Kylie, once queen of the crop tops, posed in baggy clothing amidst her pregnancy rumors.

    Her last Instagram post from earlier this week was her in an oversized blue men's shirt, which strategically covered up her stomach. Its caption said, "Sasha's Shirt," with a blue heart emoji. With all that blue action, people obviously read into it as Kylie having a boy.

  • To add fuel to the baby boy fire, let's look at that blue iPhone case, which is clearly front and center, in her most recent photo.

    She's definitely trying to tell us something right?

  • In case you forgot, that iPhone case was the star of a recent Snapchat, which first started the baby boy rumors.

    Kylie Jenner/Snapchat

    Choosing between two pink iPhone cases and one blue one, Kylie went with blue, hinting that maybe she's having a boy and her two sisters are having girls? Or maybe she just wanted a blue iPhone case, no one truly knows.

  • And so the Kylie Jenner baby saga continues ...

    How much longer are you going to torture us, Kylie?

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