You Can Easily Get Kylie Jenner's Full Lips Without the Injections

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Kylie Jenner, the youngest sister of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, is best known for her full pout, which she's achieved through regular lip injections since around the age of 17 years old. They've become such a pop culture staple, she even created a makeup line that's pretty much inspired by just her lips. Not everyone can claim to have done that. While we're all for you doing you, not everyone who wants to mimic her luscious lips is ready to go under the needle. 

  • Enter: the magic of lip contouring, as shown to us by beauty guru Huda Kattan.

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    Kattan, aka @hudabeauty, figured out how you can flawlessly contour your lips to look fuller without having to resort to lip plumping kits or lip injections. All you need are three lipsticks or lip liners, and a few minutes. It doesn't get any easier than that.

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  • First exfoliate, moisturize, and prime your lips with foundation. Now it's time to define your lips with a dark lip liner.

    Start outlining your lips by drawing an X right at your cupid's bow, and -- as she notes on her blog -- be careful not to extend too far past your natural lip line. 

    Then she also lines in the corners.  

    "This is where I'm kind of creating my shape, and you can see I look a little bit like Charlie Chaplin right now," she said in the YouTube tutorial.

  • Next, she grabs a pink shade to fill in the rest of her lips, blending the two shades together.

  • Finally, she takes a light nude shade to highlight, starting in the center.

    She applies it right below the dark color to give the illusion of an even more plump lip. She does the final blending touches with the pink color from before. 

    Make sure you don't line too far out on the corners of your bottom lips, otherwise you might end up clown-ish (unless that's what you're going for). Kattan recommends fixing any mistakes with foundation rather than concealer for a more natural look.

  • "There you have it," she said. "This is like the easiest way to overline your lips.

    We bet even Kylie would be proud. 

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