Forget Avoiding the Beach: This Size-Inclusive Swimsuit Promises to Be Period Leak–Proof

Modibodi Swim

Since swimsuits are basically just glorified undergarments, having your period while at the beach or pool is usually not the most pleasant experience. If you're not worried about your tampon string hanging out, then you're probably worried about leaking on your towel or changing your pad or tampon in the public beach restroom. Maybe you just avoid the beach during that time of the month, which is a bummer in itself.

  • Well, all of that might change, thanks to new water-repellent, period-, and leak-proof swimwear by the Australian-based brand Modibodi.

    The brand previously released period-proof underwear, and then began receiving requests by people wanting that technology in swimsuit form. 

    Thus, Modibodi Swim was born, and is being funded via a Kickstarter campaign. People can choose between two styles: an active bikini and a one-piece, both made of patent-pending Modifier Swim Technology.

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  • This fabric catches leaks of up to 10 milliliters, or about the same amount that a tampon absorbs.

    The fabric is also stain- and odor-resistant, and can dry three times faster than your run-of-the-mill swimsuit. 

    Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it wasn't an overnight success.

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    It took about a year of research to develop the right fabric, and then another six months of having everyday ladies test out the garment. 

  • The swimsuit doesn't just benefit you, but also Mother Nature.

    Wearing it decreases the number of pads and tampons that end up in landfills, and with pads taking up to 500 years to decompose, this is definitely a good thing. 

  • But the best part of the Modibodi Swim line is that it's size inclusive, so women from a size 2XS to 2XL can benefit from it.

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