This Reality Star Shows Us How to Get a Kim Kardashian–Approved Dramatic Contour With KKW Beauty

kimkardashian/Instagram; lillyghalichi/Instagram

When done right, contouring is basically like witchcraft, providing crazy dramatic facial transformations. Ever wonder how celebs always manage to flawlessly contour their faces? Well, we're in luck, thanks to Lilly Ghalichi of Shahs of Sunset.

  • Ghalichi just took over Kim Kardashian's Instagram story to tell us her contouring secrets.

    kim insta story

    She uses KKW Beauty's Crème Contour & Highlight Kit stick in Medium, although there are a total of three shades to choose from.

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  • Before even applying foundation, Ghalichi applied the contouring stick, including on her forehead.

    lilly Ghalichi makeup

    Bringing the contouring up to the hairline can make someone's forehead look smaller, YouTube makeup pro Kurtis Dam-Mikkelsen told Elle.

    As Ghalichi showed, the key to successful contouring is to use the contour stick to basically map out your face -- trace your temples, around the nose, or right above the dip in your cheekbones. 

  • Then she applied foundation. In a different video on Twitter, Ghalichi showed us how she very lightly applies foundation when she contours.

    She barely even blends it in, but instead applies it right over the contour and uses a blending sponge to dab it in. "Eventually, it will disappear," she said in the video.

  • Lastly, Ghalichi reapplied the contouring stick to the places where she originally contoured for "an extra dramatic contour."

    Something she's clearly mastered.

  • Now, off you go, to contour as if television cameras were following you around all day.