Khloe Kardashian Is in Hot Water for a Racially Insensitive Ad for 'Good American'

kardashians racism

Last week, Khloe Kardashian released new promotional images for her Good American clothing line. The black-and-white photo series featured images of herself and model Slick Woods, who has worked on campaigns for Calvin Klein and Rihanna's Fenty line. 

While some people were busy speculating if they could see a baby bump on Khloe, others were distracted by one of the images due to its racial insensitivity.  

  • The photos show Khloe and Slick in various poses together, wearing tight black clothes from the new Good American collection.

    khloe kardashian and slick woods
    Good American
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  • But, there was one photo in particular that people were NOT happy about.

    khloe kardashian good american ad
    Good American

    The controversial photo shows Slick kneeling with her hand wrapped around Khloe's leg. Khloe is looking down on her and touching the back of her head. 

    Khloe captioned the photo:

    "This chick right here is crazy, sexy, cool all rolled into one @slickwoods! Slick was so much fun to shoot with! She's a force to be reckoned with! #GoodSquad #GoodAmerican."

  • It didn't take long before people were comparing the photo to historic Renaissance paintings that depict slavery.

  • This side-by-side image was posted by the Instagram account @blackwomenarepoppin on Sunday.

    The caption of the image read:

    "Who saw the new shots from the #GoodAmerican brand? What did y'all think about this one in particular? My mind immediately went to what's pictured on the left."

  • The post received hundreds of comments of people voicing their concerns with the ad.

  • Although we're sure Khloe didn't expect this kind of backlash, it's SO important for brands to be aware of the messages they are putting out there.

  • People even compared the lack of awareness in this ad to that of Kendall Jenner's Pepsi commercial fiasco.

  • Some even shifted the blame onto Slick for agreeing to pose this way.

  • But, there were some people who felt that the photo was being "taken out of context."

  • However, the concern was widespread enough that it caused the photo to be removed from both Khloe's Instagram and the Good American page.

  • Displaying racial hierarchy in advertising is definitely not a new concept either.

    In April of 2016, Gap released a public apology after catching heat for this ad. Out of the four children in the photo, the only child of color is being used as an arm rest. 

  • Earlier this week, Dove had to apologize for a racially offensive ad.

    According to the New York Times:

    "The ad, a three-second GIF, featured three women, each removing her shirt to reveal the next.

    But the transition from the black woman to the white women — compiled into a static collage by a social media user — evoked a long-running racist trope in soap advertising: a 'dirty' black person cleansed into whiteness." 

  • What really sucks is that there are tons of people who work on these photo shoots and advertisements. There really is no excuse for these mistakes.

    Maybe if these workplaces were more diverse, then someone could better foresee these poor audience responses -- just sayin'.