Kim Kardashian Got Spoiled by Madonna With a Haul of Her Personal Skincare Line

kim kardashian madonna

In late September, Madonna imitated (or burned, no one's really sure) reality star and mother of two Kim Kardashian while on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. All she did was an incredibly simple "Hiiii" and "Byeeeee" in a high-pitched voice, as she pretended to be Kim entering and exiting a party. Maybe there was no harm, no foul, or maybe it was an apology gift, but it seems like Madonna just sent Kim some of her MDNA Skin products try out.

  • On Thursday, Kim showed off the new gifts on her Instagram story.

    "Look what I got in the mail today," Kim said. "MDNA Skin, thank you so much. Madonna, I am so excited to try this all tonight, I've heard amazing things."

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  • Madonna launched MDNA Skin in the United States right around the time of her appearance with Jimmy Fallon.

    mdna skin

    Of course, the stateside launch was in an exclusive partnership with Barneys. The brand had been available in Japan since 2014, according to The Cut.

    "It's a line I can use every day," Madonna told WWD in August. "My children use it, my friends use it."

  • From what we could see, Kim was sent some very luxurious items by the Material Girl -- most notably, one that goes for a casual $600.

    mdna kim k

    It seems to be the Skin Rejuvenator Set, which is an "all-in-one device" that's meant to remove impurities from your money-maker with a clay mask that you don't even have to touch with your own fingertips, according to the MDNA Skin website

  • It looks like Kim was sent the entire (and very expensive) line.

    kim k snaps mdna skin

    Other MDNA Skin products include The Serum, which retails for $240, and The Rose Mist, which retails for $120.

    Kim better end up looking like a newborn baby with all of these goods.

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  • Even if you can afford Madonna's skincare line, you probably won't get a personalized note from the Queen of Pop herself.

    "I've got you under my skin," the note read. "Love, Madonna."

    If there's someone out there who knows good expensive skincare from bad, we're sure it's Kim. We'll stay tuned for a review, Kim.