Kim Kardashian Posts a Cute Pic of Happy Kanye, but All Anyone Sees Is Her Makeup Fail

kim kardashian makeup fail

Poor Kim Kardashian is constantly under public scrutiny. The woman can't even walk outside without being bombarded by cameras and people criticizing her every move and appearance -- nor can she apparently celebrate a happy moment with her husband, Kanye West, according to a recent Instagram post by Kim herself.  

  • On Wednesday, Kim posted a candid and pretty hyped up image of her and Kanye.

    An excited Kanye is clearly the star of the photo, which was captioned, "Mood." Yet a downward-looking Kim is the one everyone is tripping out about.

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  • Upon closer inspection, you can see her setting powder unfortunately got caught in the camera's flash, making her look less than snatched.

    Which means someone in her glam squad didn't do their job. 

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  • Still, commenters went nuts on pointing it out.


  • Some of the comments bordered on ruthless.

    Brrr, is it cold in here or is just us?

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  • Lest we forget, Kim Kardashian is just a human like the rest of us.

    (We understand, it's hard to, once we remember how stinking rich she is.)