Why Kylie Jenner's Own Cosmetics Could Be Harmful to Her Unborn Child

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When you get pregnant, there's a slew of information thrown at you about what you should and shouldn't do in order to ensure you have a healthy, happy baby. For 20-year-old reportedly pregnant Kylie Jenner, doctors and experts are warning her that her own incredibly popular namesake cosmetic line might have chemicals too unsafe for her (and other women) to use while preggo. 

  • Jenner is the founder of the fast cult favorite Kylie Cosmetics, which raked in $420 million in just the past 18 months, according to Billboard.

    Kylie Cosmetics is most known for its lip kits, which helps give people lips similar to Jenner's own sought-after pout. The line also sells lip glosses, face highlighters, and eye shadow palettes. 

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  • But one doctor says some of the ingredients in Jenner's makeup products are harmful to pregnant women, and he suggests they "avoid" them.

    Dr. Jacques Moritz, who specializes in obstetrics and gynecology at Weill Cornell in New York City, told Billboard that the Bronze Eyeshadow Palette and the Ultra Glow Loose Powder Highlighter have aluminum, which, like all chemicals and dyes, "should be limited to as needed." 

    The powder specifically has aluminum chloride hexahydrate, which is a category C medication. This means that while animal studies have indeed shown a risk to the fetus, there are no controlled studies of humans or animals available, according to the American Pregnancy Association.

  • But don't throw all of your highlighters in the trash can yet. Not every doctor feels as strongly as Dr. Moritz.

    Aluminum is actually found in many common products, such as your deodorant, Dr. Jen Gunter, an ob-gyn in San Francisco, told Insider. But "trace amounts" seems to be key, because ingesting aluminum in large amounts for a long period of time has been found to be dangerous. 

    So as long as you're not eating Jenner's cosmetics (which doesn't even have a ton of aluminum to begin with), you should be okay, Dr. Gunter said. 

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  • Although one cosmetic ingredient to definitely avoid is lead.

    Lead is mainly found in imported cosmetics that have kohl or surma, like eyeliner. The U.S. Food & Drug Administration also found lead in certain lip products, lip glosses, and hair dyes.

    But over 99 percent of the products on the market have lead levels lower than the issued limit.

  • Another thing that Jenner (and others) should really avoid is the lip injection needle, something she's famous for.

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    Jenner has been receiving lip injections since she was 17 years old due to what she described as a lifelong insecurity about having thin lips. To keep them consistently plump, Jenner apparently gets injections of hyaluronic acid every four to six months, which translates to at least one, maybe two injection sessions while pregnant. 

    But any sort of injection while pregnant can go poorly, as the body has a decreased immune system from taking care of another little person. As a result, it won't be able to heal your needle puncture as fast it usually does. Since lip injections are pretty much just for cosmetic reasons, the two doctors advised strongly against it. 

    "As always, pregnant women should check with their ob-gyn or midwife about the products they use," Dr. Gunter said. That advice goes for Jenner too.

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