Cher Reveals What She Really Thinks About Kim Kardashian Imitating Her Iconic Hairstyle

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ParisaMichelle/Splash News

Kim Kardashian loves Cher and it's definitely no secret. She has referred to the music and style icon as her "Armenian queen" on both Instagram and Twitter, and she even had a whole photo shoot where she imitated some vintage Cher looks. Now, Cher is sharing how she feels about her beauty doppelganger. 

  • Last month, Kim shared pictures of her looking a lot like Cher for a magazine photo shoot. The most convincing part was the hairstyle.

    The long, slightly untamed, jet-black hairstyle with a center part is a style Cher has rocked for years.

    Kim's glam squad did a pretty amazing job recreating it for Harper's Bazaar Arabia. 

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  • When Kim posted the photos on Twitter, Cher responded by saying she loved them.

    We can only imagine how excited Kim was to see her icon call her "sister" publicly and say she did her proud. 

  • In a recent interview, Cher addressed Kim's copycat hairstyle again ...

    cher and kim and kourtney kardashian
    ParisaMichelle/Splash News

    "It was really fun," Cher told People about Kim's photo shoot. "My favorite was the Norman Seeff look where she was brushing her hair and wearing jeans."

  • Luckily, Kim got the queen's stamp of approval. "It's a good look!" Cher also noted.

    Cher told People:

    "I saw Kim do it, and thought it was so great. I've worn my hair like that since I was a girl."

  • I mean, hey, can we blame Kim for wanting this fabulous look?!

    Of course, no matter who imitates it, no one can do it quite like Cher