This Necklace Is LITERALLY Made Out of a Woman's Vagina

woman turns private parts into necklace

You can turn pretty much anything into jewelry: seashells, coins -- heck, even vials of blood à la Angelina Jolie. But one London woman just took bespoke jewelry to a whole other level, now that she turned her labia into a choker necklace -- and TBH, this just might be the ultimate accessory.

  • In 2016, blogger and model Tracy Kiss underwent labiaplasty, also known as designer vagina surgery, after discovering she had a protruding labia.

    "I visited my doctor with pain from training at the gym, which felt like a burning sensation down below," Kiss told Metro. It turned out to be a cyst caused by friction from her protruding labia, which her doctor advised she have removed.

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  • She asked to keep the excess tissue as a "trophy of [her] suffering having ended," according to her YouTube video description.

    But after about eight months in the surgical fluid, the tissue turned gray and crinkled, which also happened to her old breast implants.

    So in order to keep the labia tissue long-term, she decided to turn it into "an empowering pendant to be worn as a fashion accessory," she wrote in the video description.

  • To do this, she followed the same crystal resin process that's used to preserve teeth, locks of hair, and umbilical cords.

    It was actually her 10-year-old daughter who introduced her to DIY crystal resin jewelry.

    First, she dried off the labia. Then she applied two coats of metallic varnish and dusted it in glitter. After drying for about two days, she put it in a jewelry mold and poured in crystal resin. After hardening, the labia was essentially turned into a pendant, which she threaded onto a choker. (And honestly, it looks kind of pretty.)

  • "I hope other women who live in daily pain and discomfort will realize that something can be done," Kiss said about her story.

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    It's an important message that she now gets to wear loud and proud around her neck for everyone else to see.

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