Disney Nails Wraps Are Here to Give You the Fairest Manicure of All

disney nails

Your manicure is about to get a little -- no wait, a whole lot -- more magical thanks to these new Disney-inspired nail wraps, brought to you by nail polish brand NCLA in partnership with Disney. 

  • Called Good vs. Evil, the collection features eight designs inspired by classic Disney films and their heroes and villains.

    The flicks are Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, and 101 Dalmatians, according to the Disney website, which is selling the nail wraps.

    A pack of 26 self-adhesive nail wraps, plus a nail file, will run you $17.95.

    That's about two manicures worth, plus about four extra adhesives as room for mistakes. (Although I'm sure everyone will be extra careful to not mess up and waste such gorgeous nail wraps!)

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  • And the best part? These nail wraps are super easy to apply, giving you stunning nails ASAP.

    All you have to do is stick on the adhesive and use the included file to smooth it down. Then apply your topcoat and show off your new manicure! No heat lamp required.

  • Let's check out some of the nail options: If you're feeling some princess vibes, then you can opt for Sleeping Beauty.

    These pretty nail wraps feature a rose and branches over a pink background.

  • Or if you're feeling more devious, then you can channel your inner Maleficent.

    These nail wraps look just like her in the cartoon film, and include green and purple flames.

  • These Snow White–inspired nails totally match her color scheme, and feature her signature red bow.

  • You can't mistake these nails, which have scales and shells, as being for anyone other than Ariel.

    And is that a trident we see?

  • Or maybe you're more into Ursula, which has a darker color scheme than Ariel, plus some badass tentacles.

    You are about to have the most fly nails in all the land. 

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