Do You Wash Clothes Before You Wear?

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When my husband and I first lived together, we realized we had one very different belief -- he washed new clothes before wearing and me...well, I didn't. I actually have a fear of washing certain clothes in the machine...of course I do it, but you know how you buy a sweater and it fits great, but then after washing it's all messed up? I'm a big fan of hand washing, but when I buy something new I just want to wear it...not find time to hand wash and line dry.

I'm not alone here, right?


CafeMom ReneeK3 posed this question to the community and said she always washes undergarments, but not always clothes.

kabbot01 brought up a good point: She always washes clothes from Goodwill. And I agree. I sometimes shop at vintage and secondhand stores and those items must be washed first.

IrishDruidMama mentioned how some clothes are manufactured with lots of chemicals and should always be washed first. Hmm...great point.

What about you? Do you wash before wear?


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