These New Dolls With Vitiligo Prove All Skin Types Are Beautiful

doll with vitiligo

Whether you like them or not, dolls are pretty influential toys for kids, who often see themselves -- or whatever is considered "beautiful" -- through them. As most of us know by now, the doll industry isn't exactly the most inclusive or diverse (Barbie, we're looking at you). Now, kids with vitiligo, which is a pigmentation disorder that causes white patches of skin around the body, will finally get the chance to see themselves represented with these custom-made dolls by Kansas-based designer Kay Black.

  • Through her store Kay Customz, Black makes and sells empowering black dolls with vitiligo.

    The porcelin dolls can be made by request and range in price from $65 to $150, according to her online store. It typically takes her just a few days to complete the doll.

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  • Her dolls go the extra inclusive mile by featuring a variety of natural hairstyles.

    According to Instagram, Black paints the vitiligo marks freestyle. Some of the vitiligo-affected dolls have marks in the shape of Africa.

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  • One doll was made after a woman with vitiligo, and looks almost exactly like her.

    The woman had reached out to Kay Black to make a doll in her likeness.

  • People who see Black's dolls absolutely rave about them.

    "Omg I love this!" someone on Instagram wrote. "I want a doll like this."

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    "I would love to have two for my girls," another chimed in. "My mom had vitiligo!"

    Hopefully more dollmakers follow in Black's footsteps to help not only those kids with vitiligo and other skin conditions, but all kids and their families in realizing that these conditions make people no less beautiful and worthy.

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