So Spanx for Arms Exist & I'm Just Fed Up

spanx for arms

Unless you've been living under a rock, then you've probably heard of Spanx, the beloved shapewear even Beyonce uses. Best known for giving women a confidence boost from under their clothes, the brand just released a Spanx product for your arms called Arm Tights -- and it's just as eyebrow-furrowing as you'd think.


Like its name implies, this seamless three-quarter-sleeved crop top is supposed to be like hosiery, but for your arms. In the same way that tights work, this product lets you layer with sleeveless tops in colder weather. (Although I think that's what sweaters and other long-sleeved tops are for.)

spanx for arms

While the product's description on the Spanx site says it's technically a "non-shaping garment," Spanx founder Sara Blakely told Vogue that the new item is "a solution that will smooth and flatter your arms and feel super luxe on the skin too."

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arm tights

When a Vogue writer took the Arm Tights out for a spin during New York Fashion Week, she noticed how her arms looked instantly "slender and toned." That day, she recieved tons of compliments on how "small [her] arms looked." 

Apparently, Spanx fans have been asking for a compression product for their arms for years, Business Insider reports. Maybe Arm Tights, which apparently took five years to make, are a step in that direction.

Now, while I'm all for people wearing whatever makes them feel confident and fly, "Arm Tights" are straight-up excessive.

arm spanx

For starters, are we about to reach a point where we feel like we need to "suck in" everything from the neck down in compression fabric? Is a full compression shrink-wrapping bodysuit à la Blue Man Group next?

Arms move around a lot. They carry things, cuddle things, push things, pull things. We should want them to move around and be strong -- and we should be proud when they are.

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Look around and you'll see arms of all sizes. We shouldn't feel like arms have to be one type of way, with that way being slender.

I mean, honestly, if arms aren't even allowed to move or jiggle, then what can? 

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