Turns Out You've Probably Been Applying Deodorant Wrong Your Whole Life

woman applying deodorant

Modern life dictates that to be a good, functioning part of society, one should slather deodorant onto one's armpits before heading out the door. But it turns out that a majority of folks probably haven't been doing it correctly, as Dawn Harper, a doctor from the English medical reality show Embarrassing Bodies, told Cosmopolitan


According to Harper, instead of rolling it on before we head out the door, we should be putting it on at night so it can get fully absorbed into our skin.

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"Apply at night before going to bed to allow to fully dry," she said. "Leave on overnight and wash off any residue in the morning with soap and water."

Harper also said to not apply deodorant right after showering because our armpits could still be damp, and the deodorant won't be its most effective. 

We should also be making sure our deodorant fully dries, maybe even using our blow-dryer on cool to help speed up the process.

Is anyone else's world turned upside down? Well, here's the real kicker: We might not even need to apply deodorant on the daily, just about once or twice a week -- if done correctly, of course. 

And for a personal hygiene refresher on staying fresh: Deodorant only masks the smell of sweat (which actually comes from the bacteria on our skin), but antiperspirant is meant to prevent sweating. 

If you need antiperspirant, you should also be applying it at night so that it has time to clog your sweat-producing ducts. 

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So, there you have it, folks -- go forth sweat-free and smelling like daisies. 

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