Double-Waist Jeans Are Here to Take Mom Jeans to New Heights


If you're into really high-waisted skinny jeans, but you also like to wear comfy boyfriend jeans, and you can't decide which ones to wear in the morning ... why not wear both?  With this new denim trend, you don't ever have to make that hard choice again. 

  • These "High-Waist Double Jeans" were created by London-based designer Natasha Zinko.

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  • And though we can't quite figure out their purpose, the *so very legitimate* 5-star online reviews do unravel the mystery of their appeal.

    User myperfectpants12345 states on Shopbob's site:

    "I love to wear two pairs of jeans but it can get heavy and uncomfortable! Sometimes the pair on top will fall off (SOOO embarrassing). This pair tricks everyone. They think I'm wearing two pairs of jeans but really its just one!! Love these pants."

  • Well, at least you never have to worry about your underwear hanging out or accidentally exposing your crack, right?

  • These, uh, "unique" jeans can be purchase for a mere $695.

  • And want to know the craziest part? These jeans are SOLD OUT!

  • So if you were planning on trying out this new take on mom jeans, you'll have to wait until they restock.

    To each their own, we guess. 

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