This $2,000 Sweater Legit Only Has Sleeves & We Have So Many Questions

sweater only has sleeves

Sometimes, we just can't figure out what the appropriate outfit is for the weather, especially during those dang transitional times between seasons. Like, jacket or no jacket? Well, how about just wearing sleeves while your whole torso -- nipples and all -- enjoys some fresh air?

  • If you're down with a sheer torso, Calvin Klein has you covered (barely) with its Multicolor Wool Cheerleader Sweater that basically only has sleeves.

    I can't say for sure how we got to this point in fashion, but you can snag this wool crewneck-collared sweater that has color-blocked rib-knit sleeves and a "semi-sheer stretch nylon" bodice off of online retailer Ssense, according to Mashable.

    Basically, this sweater will help you free the nipple during the colder fall weather. (Although we're not sure if it'll keep your body very warm, and our logic leans toward no.)

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  • If you're digging this sweater, then it'll only cost you $2,165.

    In other words, $2,165 for a pair of sleeves. 

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  • One caveat to this sweater is that it doesn't have the same effect if your skin tone differs from the sheer fabric.

    So far, it seems to only come in the color of the model. 

  • Still want it? Well, you'll have to wait, because this sweater is somehow sold out.

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    With the impracticality of this garment, that might be for the greater good. 

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