How to Make Eyeshadow Stay Put

eyeshadowVery often when I wear eyeshadow it's gone within the hour...unless I prep my lids to make the shadow last long. My lids get oily and the color fades away. Some women have the opposite problem -- lids are dry and a powder shadow just makes them drier. And even a cream shadow won't go on smooth in either case.

CafeMom JCRestoredme posed the question: Why do some people use foundation under eyeshadow? She wanted to know if it made it smoother or stay on longer.


Ginger0104 responded that it helps set the shadow, helping it to stay on longer.

Luvmylilmonkies had an interesting tip. She says to use a cotton ball with a little Milk of Magnesia all over face to set your makeup. Not too much so you look like a mime, of course! Great tip -- this was mentioned on The Tyra Banks Show, too.

eyeshadow primer

Photo from Sephora

Some makeup artists say that foundation isn't good for lids -- it's too drying. But if you are only doing it once in a while, a dab of foundation may be OK. Just make sure it's not a blemish concealer as the skin on your eyelids are more sensitive than on your face.

There are eyeshadow bases made just for lids to help keep color on. I really like Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion ($16 from Sephora). It goes on sheer and helps shadow stay put.

And here's another eyeshadow tip: Use a brush applicator when applying to avoid tugging.

Have any other tips to share about how to make eyeshadow stay put? Share!

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