This Woman Uses a Kitchen Strainer to Curl Her Hair & You Should Too

kitchen strainer to curl hair

By now, you're familiar with the idea that there are some items laying around your home waiting to be given new life and used in your beauty routine. Well, curly-haired ladies, this pro tip is for you -- and you will probably never think about making spaghetti the same way ever again.

  • The secret is using a common kitchen strainer, according to Gilan Sharafani.

    Sharafani, aka @gilmakeup, recently shared a video of herself blow-drying her hair while using a strainer to turn her curly hair into smooth, bouncy ringlets full of life. 

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    "You guys, I saw a video on Instagram the other day where a girl dried her hair with a fine strainer!" she writes in the caption. "So I had to try it out ... And I loved the result!"

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  • Sharafani gathers her towel-dried hair into the strainer ...

    ... section-by-section, and blow-dries it close to her scalp, but through the mesh. It works similarly to a diffuser.

  • Without using her fingers or towel to scrunch it, she gets her hair to come out in perfect curls.

  • Others definitely think so.

    "Oh wow ... need to raid the kitchen!" an Instagram user writes.

    "That's a pretty crazy technique," another says. 

    With Sharafani's resulting curls, it might be worth a trip to your kitchen.

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