The Braided Brows Taking Over Instagram Are All a Big Lie

braided brows

It's fair to say that Instagram has become like a gladiator's ring for the latest and most eye-catching eyebrow trend, right? Well, up next are braided brows. Yes, braids -- as in, the thing you do to your hair when you wake up too late and look like you just got hit by lightning.

  • Though they look really cool, there's a big caveat to braided brows: They're extremely difficult to actually do, and are pretty much photoshopped.

    Makeup artist Eros Gomez is credited for starting the braided brow trend when he tried to copy the "brow chains" look of gluing necklace chains onto your eyebrows, he told Allure.

    He tried to actually braid his brows using hair gel and spirit gum, but his brow hairs were just too short. So he went to good ol' Photoshop to edit braids in. "This is totally a joke," he wrote in the caption of the Instagram photo he posted (above). "Please don't take it seriously!"

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  • No one listened to him, and now braided brows are being copied by everyone and their mamas.

    "So freaky ... yet cool, right?!" Arshia Moorjani, an NYC-based makeup artist, wrote in her photoshopped rendition of the braided brows. 

  • Some people tried figuring out ways to pull off the trend IRL.

    It seems like nimble fingers, patience, brow filler, and concealer are the trick to getting somewhat braided brows. 

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  • Others decided to put their own spin on the braided brow trend, getting more creative with it -- if that's possible.

    One Texan makeup artist named Alondra Romero used brow filler and glitter liquid eyeshadow to make a cool golden effect weaved into the brow. 

    "Not as easy as it seemed!" she captioned her photo.

    Well, we could have guessed that.