No One Will Ever Swipe Your Luggage Thanks to This Hysterical Bag Cover

funny suitcase luggage

Grabbing your luggage from the baggage claim post-flight is a tricky situation. You tell yourself to keep calm and look chill, but inside, you're panicking. First, there's the whole deal with accidentally grabbing someone else's identical black suitcase (especially if you both tied the same damn ribbon on it) -- but what if someone jacks yours? Or what if you both go for the same suitcase at the same time?! The possibilities are endless -- and anxiety-inducing. Don't you wish there was a better and more obvious way to label your territory, er, suitcase?

  • Now introducing UK retailer Firebox's Head Case, which is an aptly named luggage cover that has your face blown up and printed on it.

    There are three sizes, ranging in price from $26 to $39, according to the Firebox site. If you fancy this, all you have to do is send them a high-quality photo and let them do the rest.

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  • "Nothing says 'That's my bag!' like one with your own face on it," the website states.

    I mean, true. No one can really run off with this baby.

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  • The cover is made of polyster spandex that's both durable and stretchy.

    Plus, there are multiple openings so you can still grab your handle.

    Again, this is an actual product that exists for real usage, guys. 

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  • While it's admittedly genius, toting this around is also about to be a shameless endeavor.

    But hey, you have to protect your souvenirs somehow, right?