20 Tattoos for Anyone Who's Obsessed With Halloween

Kayla Boyd | Sep 5, 2017 Beauty & Style

halloween tattoos

For some people, Halloween is a seasonal holiday, one that passes with the changing leaves and simply returns the following year. For others, Halloween isn't just a holiday -- it's a way of life. And what better way to show one's year-round dedication than a ghoulishly delightful tattoo? Halloween is full of fun symbols, icons, phrases, and stories. There are so many possibilities for what would make a good Halloween tattoo. 

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For those that are obsessed with horror films, jack-o'-lanterns, and black cats, they should prepare to contact their tattoo artist soon, because they will definitely want some new ink after seeing these. 

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From ghosts and pumpkins to witches and spider webs, there are so many designs that are easy to customize and very representative of the spookiest time of year.

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Here are 20 Halloween-inspired tattoos that lovers of the holiday will want to show off all year long. Some people may even consider getting more than one! 

And let us know -- which one is the best Halloween tat of all?

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