Wise Sage Chrissy Teigen Shares a Secret Use for Brow Powder

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There's no doubt about it: Chrissy Teigen is a sage, and the world can learn a thing or two (or five!) from her. Teigen's latest lesson for all of us is an incredibly easy and unique trick to help you look put together in just seconds.

  • All you need is brow powder -- and no, it's not going on your actual brows. It's going on your hairline.

    Teigen told Refinery29 that she fills in her hairline with brow powder to help with her "very light baby hairs." We should trust her; I mean, just look at her luscious locks.

    The brow powder makes her roots look darker and her hair fuller, while also acting like a dry shampoo, sucking up oil.

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  • "It's crucial," she said. "I do it every day [because] it makes me more put together, without being put together."

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  • To do this, use a tiny brush with a brow powder that's about a shade lighter than your natural hair color, said Tracey Cunningham, Teigen's colorist.

    Start by applying it at your part, then blend your way to your temples. Use short strokes with this, sweeping in the direction of your hair, notes a tutorial on Bustle.

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    If you don't want to use so much of your precious brow powder, you can also use powder or an airbrush made specifically for the scalp, Refinery29 suggests.

  • Now, go forth with your beautiful mane.

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