People Are Running Out of Ideas & Are Now Putting Glitter on Their Tongues


Glitter is everywhere these days -- both as in it makes a huge mess and that people are putting it anywhere it sticks. We appreciate glitter in eyeshadow, we can sort of understand glitter face masks, and fine, we'll accept glitter for your vagina ... but glitter on your tongue? 

"Yum" is definitely not the first thing we're thinking.

  • The impractical (sorry to break it to you) look has been spotted around Instagram.

    Recently, Australia-based makeup artist Jacinta Vukovic stumbled upon the look when her metallic lip went wrong and glitter fell onto her tongue, and she "thought I would embrace it and make it the main focus!" she wrote on Instagram

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  • I mean, we can admit that the sparkles are definitely eye-catching.

  • But there are just so many logistical problems with this.

    How do you just breathe and not choke on little pieces of glitter? How do you remove the glitter, or do you just swallow and let it run its course through your body? 

  • Vukovic uses Lit Cosmetics, whose website said it won't harm you if ingest it, but it's really just made to be used on your exterior.

    Lit is also vegan and hypoallergenic, so that's a plus.

  • While this glitter may not kill you, it will probably harm the environment.

    According to Allure, microplastics like glitter make our water and food supply suspectible to bacteria, which latches onto the glitter. So a smarter move, if you're just dying to sport some tongue-glitter, would be to opt for a biodegradable glitter like BioGlitz

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    As for eating dinner with a glitter tongue, well, we can't really help you there, although we do see some painful tongue-scrubbing in your future.

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