Little Girl Drew Her Dream Dress & Her Insanely Talented Grandma Brought It to Life

Martin Novak/Shutterstock

grandma hugging granddaughter
Martin Novak/Shutterstock

It's pretty much a general consensus that grandmothers are the best. I mean, who took you to get ice cream when your own parents wouldn't? Who still gives you the cutest little gifts on your birthday? Each person's own list for why she loves her grandma goes on and on.  

  • This little girl wearing her brand-new dress probably now agrees with that sentiment.

    According to Imgur, she drew out her dream dress, and her grandma actually turned it into a real one.

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    We don't know the names of anyone involved in the dressmaking, but we do know that if it's true, then this grandmother probably deserves some kind of award.

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  • Her grandma did a pretty good job at mimicking the dress, from the layers to the flower accents and puffy sleeves.

    Maybe this girl has a future in dress designing?

  • Or they can be a grandma-granddaughter duo, because grandma even took it up a notch by adding a cape.

    Sometimes the world isn't such a dark and dismal place. 

  • No, we're not crying -- you are.