Zipper Braids Are the Latest Hair Craze & They Look Complicated AF

zipper braids

Fishtail, French, Dutch, waterfall ... there are A LOT of different ways to braid your hair. Now, you can obsess over YouTube videos for one more -- the zipper braid. But fair warning, it doesn't look easy! 

  • The hair trend uses three section of hair, but it's so intricate that it often takes more than one person to keep the sections separated.

    "A zipper braid is basically a French braid mixed with a ponytail mixed with some magic," according to StyleCaster

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  • This edgy version of the zipper braid was actually done on Kelly Osbourne this past June. The hairstylist used two assistants to hold the sections.

    The hairstylist, Joseph DiMaggio, captioned this photo on Instagram: "That on the scalp #zipperbraid I rocked for @kellyosbourne today for the premier of her VH1s Daytime Divas jumpoff!" 

    According to an interview with Allure, DiMaggio's been doing this braid and teaching it for a long time. "But I didn't create it by any means," he said. "Braiding goes back to thousands and thousands of years ago."

  • Needless to say, it takes a lot of patience!

  • But, no matter how difficult it is, we have to admit that it looks amazing!

  • Check out the full tutorial here: