Glitter Face Masks Are Coming, Whether You Like It or Not

glitter face mask

In case you've been living under a rock, face masks are having a (very Insta-worthy) moment. On that note, glitter has never stopped having a moment.

With that being said, it only seems natural that beauty companies are now introducing the world to glitter face masks.

  • Face mask company Glam Glow will soon be releasing a peel-off skin-firming glitter mask this holiday season in Sephora stores.

    It claims to leave no glitter residue behind, which is a bold claim, as anyone who has ever even gotten close to glitter knows once it is on you, there is no escaping. 

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  • Makeup company Two Faced might also be releasing a glittery face mask, according to a teaser on Instagram.

    In the sneak peak, which can be found on Two Faced cofounder Jerrod Blandino's Instagram account, a woman smears glittery goo all over her skin before peeling that sucker off.

    "I'm working on something beyond magical to make your skin glow!" he captioned.

  • As pretty as these masks look, isn't it painful to peel glitter off your face? Doesn't it feel like an exfoliant?

  • Oh, the things we do to feel like a unicorn for 20 minutes.