Please, PLEASE Don't Use a Water Bottle to Firm Up Your Skin


The Internet, and Instagram in particular, can be a breeding ground for beauty tips and tricks. However, as many of us know from experience, not all hacks are created equal. Exhibit A: a new hack promoted by makeup artist @mercedesbenssz uses plastic water bottles like suction cups to firm your skin in place of costly skin-firming devices or treatments.


"Squeezing empty water bottles and moving upward motion to keeping blood flow circulating, to tone, and firm the skin," she wrote in her caption.

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Sounds ideal, right?

Only one small problem: It doesn't actually work, according to dermatologist Ted Lain, who spoke to Allure.

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As Lain explained to the mag, @mercedesbenssz is trying to perform a lymphatic massage -- but to no avail. The lymph system is "the body's secondary waste system," and having an excess of lymphatic fluid can cause the cheeks and lower eyelids to swell. But the massage that @mercedesbenssz is doing has not proven to be effective in increasing skin collagen and elastin. (That will take microneedling or fractionated laser resurfacing.)  

On the bright side, at least you're hydrating with two bottles of water. 

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