These Leggings Have a Disturbing, Fat-Shaming Message for Brides-to-Be

You Statement

From plastic tiaras to bejeweled sashes and matching T-shirts for the whole squad, there is no shortage of wedding-themed gear out there. 

Most wedding swag is meant to be fun, celebratory, and lighthearted, but a line of pre-wedding leggings released by UK retailer You Statement seems to have missed the mark. The leggings in question are emblazoned with printed statements that perpetuate the outdated notion that brides-to-be need to slim down before their big day -- because, you know, heaven forbid they get married just the way they are now. 

  • The leggings, which are categorized under "Wedding Excitement," currently retail for $38, and come in a range of poorly intentioned messages.

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    Their sayings range from "Slimming down for the gown" to "Gotta squat before I tie the knot."

    Or even more cringeworthy, "I won't quit until the dress fits."

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  • It probably goes without saying that a bride-to-be can get married looking however she wants to.

    And the idea that women need to look a certain way for their wedding day is a reminder about how much society values a woman's appearance -- especially when a wedding day is about more than looking slim.

  • Of course, if a woman wants to work out before her wedding day, all power to her.

    But we doubt husbands-to-be are bombarded with these kinds of messages.

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  • Other folks agree that the "wedding diet" concept should probably just go away.

    "I've just seen these leggings and URGH," someone said on Twitter. "No. Just no. Please do not buy into the thought that you have to lose weight for your wedding."

    "The most horrendous leggings I've ever seen," another user wrote. "I actually feel f-cking offended just looking at them."

    Anyone coming up with future wedding-swag sayings may want to take note.

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