16 Bra Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Kayla Boyd | Aug 21, 2017 Beauty & Style
16 Bra Hacks That Will Change Your Life
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As a former Victoria's Secret employee, I definitely understand the stress of buying bras and dealing with their upkeep. However, there are tons of great hacks out there to help your bras be more functional, comfortable, and just plain fun. 

Here are 16 bra hacks that are definitely worth a try. 

  • Backless


    With some scissors and fabric glue, you can redesign one of your old bras so that it doesn't show when your outfit has an open back. 

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  • Bra Purse


    Have an old bra that doesn't fit you anymore? You can craft it into a little bag! This video shows you how to take apart an old bra and repiece it into a cute little purse. 

  • Poking Underwire


    We all know how it is when you're trying to get through the day while a wire uncomfortably pokes you in the boob all day. It's not fun. This quick tip shows you how to fix a underwire that is popping out. 

  • Proper Storage


    This video displays proper ways to store your bras so that you can save room and not damage them. 

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  • Paperclip Racerback


    If you don't have a racerback bra to wear under your tank top, you can make your own with a paperclip! 

  • How to Hook


    When you buy a new bra, don't think that it needs to be worn on the tightest hook. The proper size should be able to be worn on the first hook for a while, and then you tighten it as it wears and stretches over time. 

  • Caged In


    This caged bra DIY is a great way to convert a bra into a fun statement piece. 

  • Swimsuit Padding for Bralettes


    If you're wearing a bralette or even a thin shirt that you don't want to wear a bra underneath, you can utilize swimsuit padding to hide any nipple visibility. By placing bikini padding into a bralette (like in this video) or gluing them into a shirt, you won't have to fear someone staring at your nipples. 

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  • Secure Your Strapless


    If you have a strapless bra and it always slides down when you wear it, then try wrapping the straps around the bottom to hold it in place. It's demonstrated as the first tip in this video. 

  • Bra Strap Snaps


    If your straps are always sliding out when they're supposed to be unseen, then you can sew little snaps inside your dress or top to hold them in place. 

  • Know Your Size


    In order for a bra to be comfortable, it's important for it to fit properly. If you don't trust the fitting room girls at the mall, here is a guide to measure your bra size yourself. 

  • Elongate Your Sports Bra


    One of the tips in this video tells us what to do if a sports bra is too short. If under boob isn't exactly your thing, you can attach an elastic band to the bottom of your sports bra. 

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  • Bra Strap Cushions


    If your bra straps are always digging into your shoulders, don't keep suffering through the pain. You can buy bra strap cushions from many different retailers. These ones are $8.85 on sale at Amazon

  • Salad Spinner Cleaner


    To make them last longer, bras are supposed to be washed by hand. However, using a salad spinner can be just as gentle and much faster. 

  • Cami Clip-On


    If you don't want to show too much cleavage while wearing a certain shirt -- and if layering a tank top underneath isn't comfortable -- then you can make or purchase a clip-on camisole. You just attach it to your bra for a higher neckline without the extra layering. 

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  • Don't Crush Your Cups


    You can prevent your bras from being crushed while traveling by using a cup case. They cost $24.95 and come in a variety of colors. 

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