More People Get Hurt Grooming Their Pubes Than You Ever Imagined


Waxing, lasering, shaving, plucking (if you're particularly brave) -- we have come up with countless ways to remove our pubic hair because somewhere down the line we deemed our natural-growing pubes bad.

(Although anyone who's ever experienced a post-shaving ingrown hair might argue otherwise.)


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It seems like people haven't perfected shaving their most delicate parts yet (go figure), since a new study found that 24 percent of men and 27 percent of women have injured themselves while doing so.

To get these answers, researchers had sent out a survey asking folks about their grooming habits, and also about their own pubic hair, including questions about hairiness (which, it turns out, can make injury more common.)

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The survey originally had 7,456 respondents, but only 5,674 (or about 70 percent) of those people reported ever grooming their pubes. Of those groomers, 1,430 reported injuring themselves in that quest.

And 79 injuries were so serious that they required medical attention. 

But most people experienced cuts and burns, likely from hair removal creams. Women were most likely to injure their pubis, or the pelvis area, and men were most likely to injure their scrotum. Ouch.

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It also seems like most people prefer removing their hair with a nonelectric razor, followed by an electric razor, scissors, and waxing.

Did anyone else cringe during this article?

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